To Those Who Oppose Gay Marriage

Just one question: why?

I’ve heard many excuses for opposing gay marriage, and they all boil down to one of two things: the Bible opposes it or some societal problem may result from allowing them. I use the term “excuses” because I don’t believe that those are the real reasons your opposition, and here’s why.

Old Testament: The most commonly cited verse in support of gay marriage opposition is Leviticus 20:13. It’s been pointed out many times that you ignore nearly all of the other laws in Leviticus, but what isn’t often mentioned is that you ignore Leviticus 20:13 as well.

It doesn’t say that gay marriage should be illegal – it says that homosexuals should be put to death. If you really are following the Bible, why aren’t you campaigning for the death penalty for homosexuals?

New Testament: The standard excuse for ignoring Old Testament laws is that they aren’t specifically upheld in the New Testament. The problems with this line of argument are legion, but even if I accept it, it still doesn’t account for your position on gay marriage. In the same passages where Paul condemns homosexuality, he also condemns idolatry, theft, greed, alcoholism, slander, and swindling. Why are you not campaigning to prevent drunkards from getting married? Once again you focus selectively on homosexuality while ignoring what the Bible says about so many other things.

Societal problems: Many of you assert that legalizing gay marriage will destroy “traditional” marriage, cause all manner of public health problems, and generally ruin society. I don’t think there is even a shred of validity to these arguments, but even if I grant them all, it’s obvious that they are merely ex post facto justifications for an existing prejudice against homosexuals. Do you expect me to believe that you have absolutely no problem at all with gay marriage, but you’re forced to oppose it to save “traditional” marriages from being ruined as a side effect?

What’s clear to me is that you would be opposed to gay marriage even if the Bible had absolutely nothing to say about homosexuality, and even if it could be conclusively proven that gay marriage would have absolutely no adverse effects on anyone.

I want you to tell me why.

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2 Responses to To Those Who Oppose Gay Marriage

  1. What I want to know is, where are all the protesters for making divorce illegal? Or, how about pornography? Ooh, and adultery? Last time I checked, those were destroying a fair amount of traditional marriages without the help of same-sex couples.

  2. bguppy says:

    I’m really hoping someone from the anti-gay marriage camp will stop by and try to give me an honest answer to my question that doesn’t regurgitate arguments I’ve already either refuted or granted. I know for a fact that some are on my fb friends list – if you’re reading this, jump in and defend your position, if you can.

    But if I have to settle for friends giving me supportive comments that strengthen my case, I guess I can live with that.

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